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AMIKO really began back in 2012

We are trade specialists but all retail customers can expect a warm welcome from our experienced and knowledgeable staff. We stock a huge range of parts for all makes of car and light commercial vehicles, whether you are looking for original quality or a cheaper budget version you can be sure of a great parts and great discounts; in many cases up to 50% off main dealer retail prices.


Since the formation of AMIKO, the company has developed a parts and distribution portfolio to create one of the Malaysia’s largest independent parts supplier. Today, Amiko employs over 1000 people covering all of the Malaysia.

We make it simple to BUILD your PERFECT GRAPH

Trusted and regulated

Our clients trust us with their customers than anyone else, making us the world’s No.1 choice for Malaysia's Spare Parts Supplier

Invested in your success

We want our clients to stay with us. So we’ve built our business around being on your side, and wanting you to grow profitably

Ahead of the curve

Since 1999, we have been leading the market and being at the forefront of our industry ever since, offering award-winning platforms.


We build reliable and modern stuff which last long!

We Deploy Our Strategies Unbelievably Fast

Great Customer Support Is  What We’re About

Advanced AI-Powered For Amazing Clients

Supplying 3 Millions + Goods Per Year

The edge for 60,000+ customer nationwide

Award-winning 24/5 customer service

Lighting-fast execution, rock-solid platform

Free education for skill assistant

Ultra-competitive pricing, unbeatable value

High-performance, innovative trading technology

Fully licensed and regulated since 2000